Critique Circle Premium Review

I’ve reviewed the basic features of this website where writers can exchange critiques before, but today I want to look at the features it offers to paying members. What are they? Do they provide a benefit? As someone who’s been a premium member for over a year now, I want to give my thoughts. As… Continue reading Critique Circle Premium Review

What’s Taking So Long? A Novel Update

Those who read the last post related to my novel-in-progress may remember that I had a “nearly completed rewrite” as of last December. Some of you, possibly, are wondering what happened with that. Others, if I may be so fortunate, might be newcomers curious about when they can expect to see the published version of… Continue reading What’s Taking So Long? A Novel Update

Third Person Omniscient and Head Hopping

Third person omniscient is a point of view that allows the author to provide a window into the thoughts and feelings of any character at any time, which can be an exceedingly powerful tool. Many writers, however, struggle to pull off these moves from one character’s head into another. In third person limited, every time… Continue reading Third Person Omniscient and Head Hopping

“Show, Don’t Tell”… in Third Person Omniscient?

One of the most difficult things to grasp for writers used to writing in third person limited is how to make effective use of the narrator when writing in third person omniscient. This isn’t helped by the fact that many of the “rules” I’ve heard or have had repeated to me seem to have been… Continue reading “Show, Don’t Tell”… in Third Person Omniscient?

I Created an Account on Substack, Accidentally

Substack is an online platform for subscription-based newsletters. As a writer, I’ve been on forums where people hype it up as a great way to build and maintain a dedicated readership. As a person who does not wish to engage with most forms of social media, I’ve read articles about the recent Twitter fiasco that… Continue reading I Created an Account on Substack, Accidentally

So… How’s that Novel Coming?

The question in the title is one I have been asked countless times as an aspiring writer. It started out in junior high, when I was turning a former short story into my first ever novel. Of course I’d told my friends all about it with excitement, and of course I’d completely underestimated how much… Continue reading So… How’s that Novel Coming?