What’s Taking So Long? A Novel Update

Those who read the last post related to my novel-in-progress may remember that I had a “nearly completed rewrite” as of last December. Some of you, possibly, are wondering what happened with that. Others, if I may be so fortunate, might be newcomers curious about when they can expect to see the published version of… Continue reading What’s Taking So Long? A Novel Update

So… How’s that Novel Coming?

The question in the title is one I have been asked countless times as an aspiring writer. It started out in junior high, when I was turning a former short story into my first ever novel. Of course I’d told my friends all about it with excitement, and of course I’d completely underestimated how much… Continue reading So… How’s that Novel Coming?

Character Sheet Template for Fiction Writing

Character sheets can be a great way of brainstorming and organizing information about characters. Especially in a book or book series in which there are many characters or certain characters that appear infrequently, it can be an extremely helpful reference for maintaining continuity. In this post, I’m going to lay out some tips for designing… Continue reading Character Sheet Template for Fiction Writing

How I Use Scrivener for Novel Writing

I’ve used a few different types of writing software over the years. The first program I used was simply the only option available to me at the time: Microsoft Word. It was the early 2000’s, and my family had one desktop computer and no internet access. Microsoft Word was the program I’d been taught to… Continue reading How I Use Scrivener for Novel Writing

The Binding of Magic

In the computational monarchy of Elniwald, unlicensed witchcraft is a crime punishable by death. Eighteen-year-old neo-pacifist Tim, who has spent the past thirteen years hiding in the palace basement, is forced to stop a pair of bullets in midair when political assassins set their sights on his beloved older sibling. Using powerful magic, Tim teleports… Continue reading The Binding of Magic