Critique Circle’s New Profile Page

I wrote about Critique Circle a few weeks ago and just wanted to write a quick update to mention that I’m enjoying the recent updates to the profile page.

My old profile had a lot of blank white space at the top, as well as a little icon meant to represent gender, which, in my opinion, did not do a very effective job at it. The new one moves the “About me” section into this space, which makes it a whole lot more interesting and useful right off the bat.

Similarly, the old page had a lot of options for things that you could add, several of which I didn’t make use of. That meant I tended to do a lot of scrolling when making updates. Now, the whole thing is streamlined to only include the areas you’ve filled out.

It also incorporates the use of tabs so you or any visitors can focus on the information that you’re looking for. Do you want to see what this person has done lately? Read their previously submitted chapters? See whether you like their style of critiquing by reading samples? See what they’ve been up to in the forums? All those options exist, and they’re very easy to get to and flip between.

On the whole, I think it’s made this portion of the site a lot easier and more enjoyable to navigate. Finding and evaluating potential critique partners or looking for any published books by writers whose submissions you’ve really enjoyed has become easier than ever.

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