About Me

I am an aspiring author currently seeking representation for my debut novel The Binding of Magic. It is a fantasy novel with science fiction elements that follows the story of Tim, a neo-pacifist warlock who is arrested for unlicensed witchcraft after heroically saving the royal family of Elniwald from an assassination attempt. The kicker is that Tim secretly is a member of the royal family, and his sister, heir to the throne Shiloh Alexandria Gesenden, wants him back. No matter what their society has to say about the proper place of witches.

I’m a thirty year old woman living in Wisconsin with my cat Willowstripe, who loves to sleep on my lap while I write… and pester me if I’m not giving her enough attention. I graduated from Cardinal Stritch University with bachelor’s degrees in writing and computer science in 2014. I currently work as a Senior Programmer Analyst for a property and casualty insurance company, which is actually a lot cooler than it sounds.

Shannon's cat Willowstripe: a brown tabby with a white belly and paws
My fuzzy little co-writer

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