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A young woman with books soaring around her. Her head is thrown back is if this has been accomplished by magic.

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The Binding of Magic,

a fantasy novel with

science fiction elements

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How to Make Students Hate a Book

I loved reading as a child, so much so that I actually dressed up as a bookworm one year for Halloween. All pink clothing, carrying around a book, proudly explaining to any neighbor who didn’t get it (which was all of them). I loved racking up prizes in the summer reading program at the local…

Character Relationships in A Visit from the Goon Squad

So, you want to read Jennifer Egan’s new book The Candy House, but it’s been years since you read A Visit from the Goon Squad and there’s a lot you don’t remember. Or A Visit from the Goon Squad never interested you, but The Candy House does and you’re wondering what background you might be…

Should You Read The Candy House by Jennifer Egan?

“‘I have this craving,’ Bix said as he stood beside the bed stretching out his shoulders and spine, a nightly ritual before lying down. ‘Just to talk.’ “Lizzie met his eyes over the dark curls of Gregory, their youngest, who was suckling at her breast. ‘Listening,’ she murmured.” – Opening of The Candy House Like…

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